Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 - Everything You Need To Know About This Incredible Hair Saver!

We all know that dying and coloring your hairs incessantly may cause them to become dry, frizzy, and simply awful. Goodbye, frayed ends! Nevertheless, there is now an in-salon procedure that may completely eliminate this problem.

But what's the best part? It may also be used at home!!

Olaplex was developed by a team of California-based US scientists to keep your hairs healthy even after they’ve been heavily treated.

Olaplex is the miracle revolt the hair industry has been waiting for!

What Is Olaplex And How Does It Work?

Olaplex is unlike anything else out there it's a brand-new chemical that works inside the hair to strengthen and mend the damaged structure.
'It looks for any broken disulphate connections and reconnects them, giving your hair a fuller, thicker, stronger, and healthier appearance.'

When Might Olaplex Be Used?

Olaplex is a wonder worker for nearly everything and is very useful in all color services. It significantly reduces fade and protects the integrity of your hair in deeper and more bright hair colors.

Olaplex can be rigorously used in lightening treatments, from balayage to complete head bleaches.' If you want all of our clients to have beautiful, healthy hair that they can take care of themselves, Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 makes that possible.'

In summary? Because Olaplex strengthens the hair, you may color it more frequently and go lighter and brighter without risk of it snapping. Win, win, win.

What is the best way to use Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 at home?

Olaplex may appear to be a one-stop shop for healthy coloured hair, but it's actually a multi-part process.

Olaplex No. 1 and 2 can only be done at a hair salon as part of a professional treatment and cannot be purchased for home usage. Steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are included in this process. There is even a step 0 now. Yes, it's true.

You may mix and match any at-home methods you wish to follow, but if you attempt all six, you could just have the greatest hair you've ever had.

When it comes to Olaplex, everything is possible.

Consider the No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment to be a pre-treatment hair mask that prepares your strands for the next color procedure.

Apply to dry hair once to three times a week at home before your salon appointment, leave on for ten minutes, then follow with Olaplex No.3 to promote strong, healthy hair that can take a hammering from some bleach.

'In situations of severely damaged hair, I would propose a series of stand-alone Olaplex treatments in the salon, followed by at-home use of Olaplex No.3, until the hair is in good enough condition to color.

'Apply Olaplex No.3 to damp hair (this is a pre-shampoo treatment) and brush through lightly with a tangle teezer. When bleached hair is damp, it is quite delicate, so take care.' For optimal results, leave No.3 in your hair overnight and wash it out in the morning with a sulfate-free, moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner. You'll notice a change right away! To maintain your hair health, do it once a week.'

Olaplex's latest phase, Olaplex No.8, is saving our damaged and bleached hair once more. No.8 is a powerful mending mask that uses Olaplex's unique Bond Building Technology to smooth and moisturize frayed strands.

'Another step!' you exclaim. We understand that it appears to be a lot. However, rather than being included in your whole Olaplex routine, No.8 can be used once or twice a week in place of your typical hair mask or conditioner. Apply to freshly washed hair, let on for ten minutes, then rinse off anytime your hair needs to be nourished.

Olaplex 3, Olaplex 0, Olaplex 8 Potential Benefits:

Color-treated hair is kept in optimum condition - it feels fuller, healthier and glossier.

It also works on virgin hair. With a stand-alone treatment and at-home treatments, you can reverse heat and sun damage.

Wrapping It Up

Olaplex 0, Olaplex 3 and Olaplex 8 are the three organically processed rescuers to embrace udderly smooth-textured hair if you fall short of time for preparing the home-remedial hair masks and oils. Try these products and share with us the feedback at springalways.co.