A Beginner’s Guide to Applying Eyelashes with Lash Adhesive Glue

We adore the way artificial lashes look, but how do you apply them? Anyone who has attempted to fix artificial eyelashes is aware of how difficult application can be. Applying artificial eyelashes can surely symbolize the decisive moment of your big night out on the town.

All of the cosmetics and Lash serum designed to lengthen, strengthen, and volumize lashes are developed because eyelashes may have the most impact on how we appear. They make our eyes appear bigger, and demand a lot of attention. However effective they may be at selling lashes, cosmetic care treatments fall short when compared to the emotional impact that wearing a few artificial lashes can provide! When you see the obvious effects of more lashes, it will be difficult to be content with your regular cosmetics routine.

False eyelashes may seem easy to wear, but they take careful planning and the proper application techniques. At the end of the night, you would prefer not to be the one who was discovered wearing just one artificial eyelash or one loose eyelash.

How To Put On Your Fake Eyelashes.

To achieve various desired looks, there are many types of lashes available. The ideal false lashes exist for your needs and may have various application methods, depending on whether you are looking for something subtle and everyday, dramatic and emotive, or something appropriate for freshening up an outfit. The following are steps for you to follow when fixing your eyelashes with lash extension glue.

  1. Choose your eye shape - Different lash types are best for different eye shapes. Therefore, it is important to choose your eye form in addition to taking into account your desired result, whether you want a characteristic update or an emotive lash look.
  2. First, curl your regular lashes - Twist your natural lashes and apply mascara to create a rack for your false lashes to rest on, helping to maintain their weight.
  3. Compare the length of the lash to your eyes - This is the portion that most of us miss, but it only takes one simple action to make a big difference in the quality of your finished product.
  4. Cut the fakes to fit - Cut your fake lashes to perfectly fit your eyelid. To create a more regular, less thick appearance, you can either cut them into smaller pieces or thin them out. Another trick is to twist them briefly into a C shape to help bend them into the distinctive eyelid shape.
  5. Add your lash adhesive glue - Try to use a good adhesive the kind that occasionally comes with your lashes is not the best. You must apply the lash adhesive with a very slight variation to each group of lashes, paying no attention to the area around your eyelids. Even if your eyelashes already have some glue on them, it is a good idea to apply your own for a higher-quality stick.
  6. Apply the fake eyelashes - We advise using a regular set of tweezers or a lash instrument device to firmly grasp the false eyelashes as you apply them to your lash line to ensure you achieve the best results. A lash tool will help beginners master this technique for an excellent application without fail. For the strongest hold, carefully press the strip lashes and your natural lashes together near the base of your eyes using your fingertips or a pair of tweezers.
  7. Curl your lashes up - Faking an eyelift is an optional but strongly advised technique to finish this false lash instruction exercise because it will offer the perfect final touch. To achieve illumination, all you need to do is softly squeeze and lift your eyelashes upward.


Use a fine eyeliner brush to apply a small line of dark matte makeup where your lashes meet your eyes to help blend everything. You are good to go after a few winks and eyelash flutters!